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Fish Talk: Aquariums as Art

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

― Thomas Merton

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Art enthusiasts have a medium available to them that they likely haven't thought about: aquarium exhibits. Similar to more traditional art, like a painting on a canvas, every aquarium exhibit is unique. However, unlike most traditional art, aquarium exhibits are always changing - day to day and even moment to moment. Whether you are looking for art as the centerpiece of your home, the conversation piece at your office, or for a calming effect in an environment such as a hospital, an aquarium exhibit can out compete even the Mona Lisa!

Not convinced that an aquarium exhibit is a piece of art? Consider how much art recreates the bodies of water and their inhabitants - or uses them as inspiration. Further, consider how many people build homes and construct businesses on properties specifically for the view nature has created. With an aquarium exhibit you can bring part of nature's art work into your space, regardless of where you're located. Recreating that on canvas is one thing, having the real living art in your space is something that can't be outcompeted.

Like the best of traditional art pieces, aquarium exhibits mesmerize. However, unlike most art, aquarium exhibits appeal to broad audiences - from children to adults of all ages, from fish enthusiast to non-fish enthusiasts, and across all cultures.

The art of the aquarium has had a long history, dating back to 2500BC when the Babylonians then later the Egyptians kept fish in man-made ponds. In the 1200's, the Chinese cultured carp in porcelain containers. Aquariums slowly infiltrated Europe from 1600 to 1800, and then in 1853 the first public aquarium was opened in London by Francis Henry Goss. In the late 1800's aquarium keeping made its way to the United States and in the mid-to-late 20th century saltwater aquariums took a strong hold. Today, aquariums are not just for the hobbyist but for everyone. Aquarium art moves people in amazing ways. With companies available to design and maintain the artwork of your personal aquarium, it truly is piece that is unmatched by the art hanging on your walls.

Carpe Diem!

The Fish Guy

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