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Where Are Your Fish Coming From?

Something Fishy, Inc. puts a great deal of focus on the individual health of all its animals. Our highly skilled technicians as well as in-house aquarist take pride in giving the animals a luxurious experience while they are here. You may not know this, but all of the fish living in SFI's vault have had quite a long journey! They may have flown across the country, taken a train through the mid-west, or been in the back of a UPS truck up the entire east coast. Any way they arrive, we are sure to give them the best treatment possible!

This is why Something Fishy offers sustainable fish choices! Something Fishy makes the effort to ensure we are getting animals that are suitable for captivity in regards to their diet, size at maturity, and care requirements. We want the animals we carry to be better off because of us, and because of you!

When possible, we make sure to get animals from the most sustainable sources, whether that be aquacultured, short supply chains, or from fisheries proven to be low-impact. We support a number of organizations currently working on sustainability and education initiatives including Mystic Aquarium, Project Piaba (New England Aquarium), and Roger Williams University.

We have even designed an entry-level, 10 gallon tank which makes sustainable decisions accessible to all! This tank is an all-inclusive set up with filter, heater, light, décor, and hood which are now on sale for $149.99!


if you would like solely the tank with the basic set-up, which includes all of the above minus the décor, we give you that option as well. That set-up is priced at $99.99.

To learn more about our STAY GREEN LIVE FISHY movement, be sure to check out our showroom and ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you might have!

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