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Aquarium ownership is a journey. Something Fishy aims to make that journey as irresistible as possible every step of the way. We offer a variety of services from a one-time technical consult to get you back on your feet to a long-term relationship where we manage the entire experience - from exhibit conception to routine maintenance and upkeep.


Something Fishy specializes in a variety of freshwater and saltwater aquarium exhibits, which are customized to your situation in order to maximize the influence and energy they bring to your space.



Time to put pencil to paper! The fusion of logistics and creativity during the design process of an aquarium exhibit is simply awesome. It's also a critical step of the journey that ensures a smooth installation and maturation of your exhibit.


As a service provider, this is our favorite step of the process; we get to learn about you and your "why," and we work closely with you to determine the size, shape, location, and features of your ideal aquarium exhibit. 


And the best part is we take care of all the details!

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Fish Tank installation is really the first "experience" you have with your new aquarium. This can be one of the most exciting or stressful steps in your journey as an aquarium owner. As such, partnering with the right service provider is essential. 


You can expect:

  • Complete project management

  • Customized client orientation

  • Education and transparency

  • Clear expectations and communication


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Not all aquarium service providers are created equal and neither are their exhibits. Something Fishy operates a simple and proven aquarium service recipe that ensures your exhibit looks irresistible at all times.


For details on the specifics of the managed care services we offer, call our service division!

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A healthy aquarium is a happy aquarium [and so is the owner!]. Something Fishy provides a variety of services to assess and address any health issues you may be experiencing: animal health, system function, water quality, aquascape design, etc. 


Whether you know something is wrong or just want a sanity check, Something Fishy can make sure your aquarium is healthy and happy!


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Something Fishy is available around the clock for our clients. You can call our office Monday through Friday 8 AM - 5 PM and we will help you with any questions or issues you are experiencing.


Need us to come out and get our eyes on your aquarium to diagnose or resolve an issue? No problem! Whether you want your lights changed or to learn how to maintain your system, Something Fishy can help!

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We all know Murphy's Law and that issues often arise when you least expect them. You can rest assured because we are always ready.


We offer around-the-clock emergency service. Just call our number, leave a message, and you will get a call back from a service technician within 15 minutes - regardless of the day or time. Whether its a quick fix that can be solved over the phone, or larger issue that requires an immediate service appointment, Something Fishy will be there.


Take that, Murphy's Law.

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