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Aquariums Make Waves in Spatial Design

Aquariums impact different environments in very unique ways. Whether you’re considering an aquarium for your home, commercial environment or healthcare organization, the process should begin with a review and understanding of the spatial design impact and the intent you expect to achieve with the aquarium. Spatial design is very different than interior design. Interior design deals with balancing specific elements like forms, line, light, and texture to create an aesthetically pleasing space while spatial design is focused on the space and the flow of human movement and interaction within it.

An aquarium for your home is typically used as the centerpiece for your space; the very heart of the home. It creates a focal point that will bring people together, drive conversation and will be the envy of all your guests! So in this case a kitchen or living room aquarium would work best. In the same home you can place the aquarium in the library and you’ve just created a backdrop for productivity; a study nook you won’t want to leave and an escape every parent needs!

Our commercial environments use aquariums in wide-ranging spatial design concepts to drive huge ROI. Our hotel clients are placing aquariums in communal spaces that encourage camaraderie amongst guests. Even those traveling for work, don’t want to work in their room! While they may not be conversing with others, today's guests would rather work in the common areas around other people than be alone. Want to keep guests in your restaurant longer, ordering desserts or after dinner drinks? Aquariums placed in the dining area will create the welcoming environment for that extended stay and an increase in your dinner ticket percentages!

In healthcare, spatial design around aquariums can range from making a powerful first impression that increases admissions to creating a healing environment; reducing anxiety, increasing cognitive behavior and support nutritional consumption for dementia/memory care residents! When an aquarium is placed in the center of a reception area, white coat syndrome is reduced and residents, patients and staff feel calm and relaxed.

For spaces that are already completed, our aquarium furniture models can fit a wide range of designs without requiring customization. Proper placement of the aquarium in your space will ensure a beautiful living art exhibit that works seamlessly into the design and your lifestyle. If you have a project that hasn’t begun, the best time to look at spatial design is at the blueprint stage! When you are remodeling or building from the ground up is when our team should support your initiative, long-before a shovel hits the ground. This provides you the most opportunity to receive the outcome that drives the best results for your design.

In addition to interior design, spatial design should be considered for every redesign, renovation or new build. The addition of an aquarium placed in just the right spot can not only energize the space with a living art piece but also have many added benefits to the people who use that space.

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