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Fish Talk: Innovation in the Workplace

Today’s successful companies have anything but traditional workspaces! These environments are built for collaboration, innovation, and camaraderie. It’s no secret that if you want to attract and maintain a talented and motivated team, you need to build an environment where your team doesn’t mind spending 1/3rd of their life!

In order to survive in the market place, you need a team that is extremely innovative around new ideas, new partnerships, and new ways to improve current operations. That responsibly is not just for the executive team anymore; everyone in the company needs to do their part. Designing the right environment is a critical part of the recipe of building a successful company, which of course is the result of having a winning TEAM.


Adding an aquarium exhibit to your workspace will be a positive attribute with a very high ROI to the bottom line! A properly designed and maintained aquarium exhibit will increase the energy in a space and motivate your team. For those moments when you need to get away from your computer and clear your thoughts, take a five minute vacation to the aquarium. Quickly, you will be in awe at the peacefulness of the fish and other inhabitants along with the gently moving water. The personalities of the fish (yes, fish have personalities!) will have everyone wanting to name them.

In addition to the benefits for your internal team, your aquarium exhibit will set the stage for strength and stability within the organization for your guest, whether that be clients or business partners. The exhibit has a story to tell and of course is a great conversation piece. Finally, if you have an environment where people are waiting, you won’t find a more interactive piece of art to keep them entertained while the wait.

Carpe Diem!

The Fish Guy

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