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Call: 877-FISH-TALK / 877-347-4825

Email: support@somethingfishyinc.com




The Something Fishy Showroom and Design Studio exists for three reasons:


          1. To inspire those looking to add an  the energy                     and influence of an aquarium to their space

           2. To offer a visual for a variety of home and office                  settings in which aquariums can exist

           3. To provide our exceptional aquarium                                      knowledge and experience through                                      scheduled showroom service appointments


We offer a focused and reliable product selection, hands-on education, and a fun and irresistible experience. It doesn't get more simple [or fun] than that!


Check out our aquarium furniture line collection! Contact us for colors, customized options, and consultations that will make it look as if the room was designed around the aquarium!



Stop by the FISH TALK Bar where talking is only the beginning. Want to know how your pump works? Grab a screw driver and let's take it apart and look inside! Is your light ballast faulty? Let's replace it together!


Whether you need water quality diagnostics or you want to learn how a reverse osmosis system works from the ground up, let's meet at the Bar!


Call today for pricing and scheduling options!



Step into The Vault, which holds the most important part of your aquarium exhibit - the animals! The Vault is clean, organized, and, most importantly, always stocked with a variety of freshwater and saltwater fishes, corals, and inverts. Livestock purchases can be made by appointment only.



Aquatic exhibits are a natural component for all spaces, including residential, commercial, and educational venues. In our design studio we aim to help our clients visualize how aquariums can be incorporated into various settings. Pour a cup of coffee, have a seat, and be inspired!